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Learn Beats To Famous Songs

  • Learn the “money beat” immediately-start playing songs, fast!
  • Master the seven most common rock beats
  • Discover a whole world of songs you can play

Learn To Read Easily and Efficiently

  • Learn rhythms using words and pictures
  • Stickings are taught in a special way to create excellent reading habits
  • Sight-read with greater accuracy

Drum Fills and Solos

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  • Play drum fills that enhance songs, not detract from them.
  • Expand your creativity
  • Solo tricks and tips
  • Be recorded in studio
  • Performing written solos and duets.

Become The Drummer Musicians Want In Their Band

  • "Fills bring thrills, but groove pays the bills"
  • Discover the secrets of professional musical performance
  • Perform live snare and piano duets in the studio.
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Can I Get Lessons On Demand?

Absolutely. I can help you:

  • Read quickly and efficiently
  • Solve technical problems
  • Improve your speed
  • Play cooler fills, awesome grooves
  • Make music theory easy
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How Much Are Weekly Lessons?

$29/30 minutes. Click here to book a free trial lesson today