If You Are Going Through Hell, KEEP GOING!


I believe Winston Churchill coined that phrase. It is apt when it comes to the student who stops playing when they make a mistake. The student who is a perfectionist does that frequently: stop. When it comes to drumming, we are expected to at least keep the time. Time wants to move forward and so should we. I encourage all of my students to keep going if they lose their spot in the music, drop a stick, or make a rhythm mistake. When you are performing live and you commit a goof, keep that snare going on 2 and 4 if appropriate. Keep time on the hi-hat or ride cymbal.

I play in a nine piece dance band calld Sway. If I drop my stick I keep the snare on 2 and 4  and grab my back up stick close by (all drumers need a back up pair handy). If I get lost, I keep playing, listen harder and watch the band for signals.

It can be unnerving continuing to play after you've goofed up because it requires you to potentially improvise, a skill beginners normally lack. However, keeping time is easy and I heartily recommend it. All the pros do it.